Collection: Alvar Aalto

Alvar Aalto (1898-1976), born in Kuortane, Finland, is now recognised as one of the great masters of modern architecture. He designed buildings for nearly all the significant public institutions, as well as standardised housing and private homes, during his long and prolific career. Aalto was one of the co-founders of Artek, leaving a legacy with lasting resonance.

Aalto's architecture is notably Finnish, exhibiting a strong individuality and marked by warm humanity. His buildings derive their aesthetic character from their dynamic relationship with natural surroundings, their human scale, well-executed details, unique treatment of materials, and innovative use of lighting.

Alvar Aalto's name has become significant in the history of design due to his innovations in form and line. Interestingly, he first achieved fame in Continental Europe as a furniture designer, and later as an architect. His contribution to furniture design was among his foremost achievements in its own right. The Artek range features Aalto's furniture and lighting as the heart of its collection.

Alvar Aalto