New Muuto products for 2015

Muuto have had an exceptionally good year for creativity and new products brought to the market. The brand has quickly grown from Nordic upstart to leading the way in contemporary furniture design. Collaboration with the worlds best designers has enabled the brand to create true rival products to those established for many years - normally at a better price point and with a distinctly minimal Scandinavian point of view. Really Well Made offer a very curated perspective on the design industry aiming to only offer new products when they truly offer something original and unique - these new designs from Muuto have been hard to ignore.

This year the brand has revealed new armchairs, rugs, pendant lights, sofas, storage containers to name a few. At the Copenhagen North Modern trade show in August Muuto launched the Grain Lamp by Jens Fager, this product is a good representation of the latest direction for the company: Looking towards innovative materials for new possibilities in recyclability and sustainability. The Bamboo fibres make up 25% of the material content for the shade and bring a softness and character to the piece. A similar material has also been utilised on the new Fiber armchair too. To further the lamps sustainability the light source is an LED with an expected 5 years lifespan and a beautiful warm tone.

Over the coming months Really Well Made will be adding the best new additions from Muuto to our product range.

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